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Tanzania Portland Cement Public Limited Company (TPCPLC), a subsidiary of Heidelberg Materials Group, is Tanzania’s leading cement manufacturer and seller.

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Cement products from TPC PLC have earned the trust of contractors across East Africa, playing a pivotal role in the realization of complex and iconic projects

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The new generation with digitalization will help to solve a pain point of customers and transform business operations.

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As the employer of choice, TPC PLC recognizes our employees as the backbone of our success. Their dedication and hard work consistently deliver exceptional results

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Recycling at Its Best

Welcome to Tanzania Portland Cement Public Limited Company

Established in 1966, Tanzania Portland Cement Public Limited Company (TPC PLC) is the leading cement producer in Tanzania and a proud member of the Heidelberg Materials Group. Our journey began with the production of our first bag of cement at Wazo Hill in mid-1966.

Over the years, TPC PLC has undergone significant changes. We were nationalized in 1978, privatized in 1998, and are now a publicly-traded company on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE). Heidelberg Cement holds a 69.25% stake in TPC PLC via Scancem International DA, with the remaining 30.75% held by the general public of the United Republic of Tanzania.

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality cement that meets the standards set by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS). Our product portfolio includes five main brands: Twiga Ordinary (42.5N), Twiga Plus (42.5N), Twiga Extra (32.5R), Twiga Super (32.5N), and Twiga Jenga (MC 22.5X).

Our commitment to growth and excellence led us to complete an expansion program in 2009, increasing our production capacity to 1.4 million metric tons per year. This capacity was further increased to 2.0 million metric tons per year under the project name CM5 by August 2014.

At TPC PLC, we are more than just a cement company. We are a team dedicated to delivering quality and value to our customers, contributing to the infrastructure of Tanzania, and creating a sustainable future


Landmark Projects

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We have been Building up this Country for over 50 years. Embark on a journey through our landmark projects, where Twiga Cement's expert teams have fearlessly deployed their knowledge and cutting-edge innovations to transform even the most difficult challenges into triumphs. From transportation and energy to mining and infrastructure, discover how our low-carbon cement has contributed to iconic developments across the country and beyond.

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Health and Safety

"At TPC PLC, we place the utmost importance on occupational health and safety. Our commitment extends beyond enhancing our technical and organizational safety standards; it’s about fostering a culture of safety that permeates every level of our organization.

Since 2017, we’ve redoubled our efforts to heighten safety awareness among all our stakeholders - employees, contractors, and transport companies alike. We believe that a safe work environment is a collective responsibility, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that everyone associated with TPC PLC is not just aware, but actively involved in maintaining our high safety standards.

Safety isn’t just a priority at TPC PLC - it’s a way of life


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At Twiga Cement, our commitment to sustainability revolves around four fundamental pillars: climate, circularity, nature, and people. Sustainability isn't just a slogan for us; it's ingrained in the very essence of our strategy. We take pride in offering Tanzania's most low-carbon cement. From implementing quarry rehabilitation measures to maintaining a tree nursery, and repurposing Twiga Bags into eco-friendly products, we are dedicated to safeguarding our environment while contributing to a sustainable future.

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Our Stories

At Twiga Cement, we are more than just a cement company. We are a vibrant community of over a thousand individuals who come together every day to create, innovate, and inspire.

Our story is one of dedication, passion, and hard work. We believe in the power of people. Every person who walks through our factory gates contributes to the success of our organization. From the engineers who ensure the quality of our cement, to the workers who meticulously handle the production process, to the administrative staff who keep our operations running smoothly - everyone plays a crucial role.

We are proud to be a people’s organization. We value each member of our community and strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Join us as we share the stories of our people, our events, and our journey. Welcome to the human side of Twiga Cement.

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Our People
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