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Tanzania Portland Cement Public Limited Company (TPCPLC), a subsidiary of the HeidelbergCement Group is a largest cement producing company in Tanzania. Established in 1966 with the principal activity of manufacturing and selling cement.

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Welcome to Tanzania Portland Cement Public Limited Company

Tanzania Portland Cement Public Limited Company (TPC PLC) is the largest cement producing company in Tanzania. It is part of Heidelberg Cement Group. It was established in 1966 with the principal activity of manufacturing and selling of cement.

The first bag of cement rolled out at Wazo Hill in mid-1966. But due to development of events TPC PLC was nationalized in 1978 and later privatized in 1998. Heidelberg Cement currently holds 69.25 percent of shares via Scancem international DA with the general public of the United Republic of Tanzania holding the remaining 30.75 percent. The shares of TPC PLC are actively traded on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE).

Since its inception, TPC PLC has produced high quality cement conforming to the standards issued by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS). The company currently produces five main brands of cement, and are Twiga Ordinary (42.5N), Twiga Plus (42.5N), Twiga Extra (32.5R), Twiga Super (32.5N), and Twiga Jenga (MC 22.5X)

An expansion program to increase the production capacity to 1.4 million metric tons per year was completed at the beginning of 2009. TPC PLC increase its capacity under the project name CM5 to a capacity of 2.0 million metric tons per year by August 2014.

Health and Safety

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At TPC PLC, occupational health and safety continues to be a top priority. Besides the continued improvement of technical and organizational safety standards within the company, TPC PLC intensified its efforts in 2017 to reinforce the awareness of all employees, contractors and transport companies towards a safety culture.

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Quarry Rehabilitation

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Quarrying activities often entail significant local environmental impacts as soil is always removed and the topography altered, or local ecosystems and watersheds are impacted. During or after extraction, opportunities arise to rehabilitate the area and ensure the biodiversity is maintained or even enhanced.

Reference Projects

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Tanzania entered a most ambitious era. The impressive number of projects started over the last months are boosting the aspirations of all stakeholders to contribute in this challenging ambition. Partners want to build together this amazing and promising country. Cities got better connected, infrastructures are improved, communities are growing and people are building with continuously bigger dreams for tomorrow. TPCPLC always contributed to the success of Tanzania. We want to be part of this tomorrow as well.