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Join us at Twiga Cement, where we value diversity, innovation, and teamwork. Our commitment to continuous improvement and sustainable solutions drives us forward. Be part of a team dedicated to building the future.

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At Twiga Cement, joining us means stepping into a fulfilling opportunity. Our team members receive excellent on-the-job training from industry experts. We're focused on bringing out the best in our employees, encouraging them to come up with new solutions. As a company that cares about its people, we aim to make work enjoyable and rewarding, promoting teamwork and fresh ideas.

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Whether you're starting on an internship, or pursuing graduate opportunities, we're here to guide you towards an exciting future.

At Twiga Cement, we're committed to assisting our students, graduates, and those in the early stages of their careers in shaping a path that suits them best. Expect a dynamic, inclusive environment at Twiga, where high performance is encouraged, and support is readily available for your learning, development, and success.

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Life at Twiga Cement

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Twiga interns

Graduates who join Twiga Cement in internships or in full-time roles work on interesting, meaningful projects and are expected to have an impact from the start. Meet six different interns and hear their thoughts on what it means to work at Twiga Cement.

Isaack Massawe

Success Story – Issack Massawe

Working at Twiga Cement means working on your personal career and an innovative and sustainable future for everyone. This includes continuous learning, personal growth, dynamic work structures and creativity.

Meet: Isaack! He started his career at Twiga Cement as an intern. In 2021, he was offered the position as Marketing and Communication Assistant.

What he likes most about his job? Digital marketing is very dynamic and every day you can learn something new, for example in terms of content creation or writing.

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Success Story – Diana George Kaswiza

Diana received a scholarship to study Aerospace Engineering in India. When the pandemic hit, she had to come back to Tanzania. While working as an intern at Twiga Cement, she came across a receptionist position and applied. As her potential was seen, she was soon offered a position as Project Engineer. Now she is working in projects to improve the plant and enhance production capacity.

"I advise all aspiring engineers out there (especially girls) to fully explore their limits and to unlock their potential", says Diana.

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“There are no problems that we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves. “ - African Proverb-

Meet Neema who works as reporting and controlling accountant at Twiga Cement. She’s also a fashion designer.

Outside work, she enjoys the creativity and design of different styles of cloth.
Twiga Cement has really accepted and nurtured her talent.
Her tailoring and fashion skills complemented her analytical skills and attention to detail in her current role.