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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is not merely reflected in business process. On the contrary, companies all over the world are taking on an increasingly important role in finding solutions to foster social development. TPCPLC is committed to contributing in this area. As a good corporate citizen, TPCPLC maintains a lively exchange with nearby/local communities and provides an impetus for an active and vital society through voluntary activities .Thereby, TPCPLC is committed to respecting and preserving cultures and identities, while meeting local needs.

TPCPLC’s Social Responsibility and the sustainability ambition 2020.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy describes the ambition and area of focus of 2017-2018 to ensure effective coordination of voluntary activities. The strategy orients both employees and stakeholders .The decision upon the specific measures to be taken and the external partner to cooperate with lies with the TPCPLC management.The strategy builds upon Heidelberg Cement's and TPCPLC's leadership principle, code of conduct, the Corporate citizenship policy as well as other compliance standards.
The CSR activities compliments the activities under HC GROUP's sustainable ambitions 2020. The sustainablility ambitions program 2020 cover project which are driven by our corporate responsibility for maintaining the environment and care the people. In the sustainability ambition program 2020 the highest priority is given to; health and safety, delivering a prominent positive contribution to biodiversity, working for sustainable construction, using waste as a resource, protecting the climate and reducing other environmental impacts.      

TPCPLC's Social Responsibility Areas of Focus

  • Building, architecture, and infrastructure: Providing practical help in the construction of buildings and infrastructure for the benefit of society.
  • Environment, climate and biodiversity: Cooperating with partners in order to preserve and protect environment by promoting climate protection and biological diversity.
  • Education, training and culture: improving children’s chances of succeeding in education by promoting the physical, cognitive, linguistic, and social-emotional development of children from prenatal stage up to age of 8 years. Improving young people chances of succeeding in professional life by developing their interest and understanding of technical and economical interrelationships and by enabling and encouraging entrepreneur spirit. Promoting culture helps increasing creativity, diversity, and quality of life.

TPCPLC’s Social Responsibility Goals

For the years 2017-2018 TPCPLC will continue to focus it CSR priorities to advance three intersecting areas

  • Improving leaving circumstances for communities surrounding the factory: we reach out to the communities and institution located close to our factory at Wazo Hill and offer support for the benefit of the society.
  • Enhancing education and training settings for young people: we prioritize improvement of early childhood development and of school premises to stimulate learning, creativity and a knee interest in preserving and protecting environment.
  • Contributing to emerging events: We donate to numerous activity in our budget allows, and if the activities are in line with the areas of focus to our CSR strategy.

Achieving the goals
To achieve this goal, TPCPLC will use management capacity to manage the projects. We will apply our monitoring and evaluating  techniques to ensure that the beneficiaries get the most from our support.