Emission levels

Control of emission levels

TPCPLC is building on three pillars of sustainable development: Economy, ecology and social responsibility. We strive to preserve the natural environment, which is the basis for our activity. Conserving resources, reducing emissions and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations are our objectives.

In the course of the 2002 – 2003 plant rehabilitation programme, USD 1.2 million were spent for repairs of the dust filters and reduction of stack emissions to the levels authorised by The National Environment Management Council (NEMC). A general overhauling of conveyors, elevators, transfer points, pumps and seals also reduced emission from secondary sources.

The quality of electric power supply is the main factor determining the efficiency and life time of the dust filters, and further USD 1.7 million was invested in the installation of a 2.5 MW generator set to ensure operation of the kilns and the filters also during periods of power cut.

In July 2004 TPCPLC converted its kiln firing from heavy fuel oil to local natural gas from Songo Songo. The gas is a much cleaner and environmentally friendly fuel, and this conversion has further contributed to reduction of emissions.

To reduce the cement dust emission to an acceptable level bag filters are being installed for all of the three cement mills and both packing plants during and these will be ready by end of 2006. These bag filters have guaranteed dust emissions below 20 mg/Nm3. The bag filters for cement mill 3 and cement mill 1 were installed in June and December 2005, respectively. The filters are working according to expectations.